CARICOM Compilation Archive (CCA): Switzerland’s Involvement in Slavery and Colonialism

This database started in 2018/19 as a compilation by Hans Fässler, MA Zurich University, historian from St.Gallen (Switzerland), for the attention of the CARICOM Reparations Commission. It was judged by Dr. Klaus Stuckert, researcher and lecturer on Caribbean and Australian literature, «… the most comprehensive compilation of Swiss involvement in Caribbean plantation slavery that I know of …». Now it has turned into an archive of ideally all Swiss involvement in slavery, the slave trade, anti-Black racism and colonialism, in the Caribbean – and beyond. Klaus Stuckert passed away on 31st October 2022. May the earth be light on him!

For an introduction to the archive, its concept and its history, see here.

This archive, especially chapter 4.1 «Anti-Black Racism and Ideologies Relevant to Caribbean Economic Space», contains passages which may disturb certain readers on account of rendering racist thought or slurs in original quotations.

How To Use the Archive

CARICOM Compilation Archive (CCA) was basically just one single web-page of my website, in order to facilitate research and continuing additions. You could find decimal chapters or geographical terms (e.g. «1.3 Barbados» or «3.1.1 Alabama»), names of individuals (e.g. «Bourcard» or «Guisan»), place-names (e.g. «Berne» or «Berbice»), plantation-names (e.g. «Oberberg» or «De Vriendschap»), names of slave-ships («Pays de Vaud» or «Réparateur»), or products (e.g. «sugar» or «indigo»).

For technical reasons this one single web-page had to be split into four parts, which means that in order to search the whole archive you have to consult all four parts separately. Please find the respective links in the table of contents below and then conduct  a full text research by using [cmd] + [f] on Apple and [STRG] + [f] or [ctrl] + [f] on Windows computers.

Table of Contents

1 CARICOM MEMBER STATES  => go to part one

1.1 Antigua and Barbuda
1.2 Bahamas
1.3 Barbados
1.4 Dominica
1.5 Grenada
1.6 Guyana (Guiana): Dutch/English colonies «Berbice» «Demerara», and «Essequibo»)
1.6.1 Berbice
1.6.2 Demerara (Demerrara, Demerary)
1.6.3 Essequibo
1.7 Haiti (colony «Saint-Domingue»)
1.7.1 Economic
1.7.2 Military
1.7.3 Ideological
1.8 Jamaica
1.9 Montserrat
1.10 St. Vincent & The Grenadines
1.11 Suriname
1.12 Trinidad and Tobago

2 CARIBBEAN ECONOMIC SPACE   => go to part two

2.1 Cuba
2.2 Netherlands Antilles (colonies «Aruba», «Bonaire», «Curaçao», «St. Eustacius»)
2.3 French West Indies (colonies «Guiana», «Guadeloupe», «Martinique»)
2.4 Danish West Indies (colonies «St. John», «St. Croix», and «St. Thomas»)
2.5 Venezuela
2.6 Bermudas

3 BEYOND THE CARIBBEAN  => go to part three

3.1. North America (13 Colonies and the US)
3.1.1 Alabama
3.1.2 Arkansas
3.1.3 California
3.1.4 Carolinas
3.1.5 Florida
3.1.6 Georgia
3.1.7 Kentucky
3.1.8 Louisiana
3.1.9 Mississippi
3.1.10 New York
3.1.11 Tennessee
3.1.12 Texas
3.1.13 Virginia

3.2 Canada
3.3 Brazil (Colonial Brazil, United Kingdom with Portugal, independent empire)
3.4 Southern Africa
3.5 East Indies
3.6 Egypt

4 STRUCTURAL CONTRIBUTIONS  => go to part four

4.1 Anti-Black Racism and Ideologies Relevant to the Caribbean Economic Space
4.2 Marine Navigation
4.3 African and European Logistics