SCORES and More

Please find here the names of the SCORES signatories.

Hier finden sich die Namen der SCORES-Unterzeichner*innen.

Study in progress by Hans Fässler: «Swiss Participation in Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Anti-Black Racism as Relevant to CARICOM Members and the Caribbean Economic Space».

«Venus, without nose. Switzerland as a Colonial Player in the Caribbean». Lecture delivered by Hans Fässler at the CARICOM symposium on «Western Banking, Colonialism and Reparations» on 10 October 2019 in Antigua. Due to be published in 2020 with all the other contributions to the symposium in a UWI book.

Interview with Hans Fässler on Switzerland and reparations on: Antiguan ABS TV

Talk by Hans Fässler delivered at the one-day meeting on «Ensuring Recognition, Justice and Development» at the ‚Palais des Nations‘ in Geneva on 9 December 2019 (PDF): «Piggybacking on the Colonial Powers. Switzerland’s Slavery Past».

Zeitungsartikel im St.Galler Tagblatt vom 10. Dezember 2019 (PDF): «Der St.Galler Aktivist Hans Fässler gründet Komitee für Reparationszahlungen an Sklaverei-Nachkommen».

Claudia Rauhut (Research Associate and Lecturer in Cultural and Social Anthropology at the Free University, Berlin): «Mobilizing Transnational Agency for Slavery Reparations: The Case of Jamaica», in: Journal of African American History : Special Issue on National and International perspectives of Movements for Reparations 103 (1-2), 2018, 133–162

Claudia Rauhut, Manuela Boatcă: «Globale Ungleichheiten in der Longue Durée: Kolonialismus, Sklaverei und Forderungen nach Wiedergutmachung», in: Karin Fischer, Margarete Grandner: Globale Ungleichheit. Über Zusammenhänge von Kolonialismus, Arbeitsverhältnissen und Naturverbrauch, Kapitel 4, 91–107, Wien 2019

Ernst Würgler,, (EN): «Swiss launch committee on slavery reparations.

Ernst Würgler,, (ES): «Esclavitud: lanzan comité suizo pro reparaciones».

Ernst Würgler,, (PT): «Suíça cria comitê para reparações por escravidão».

Ernst Würgler,, (RU): «Швейцария займется вопросом возмещения ущерба от рабства».