Voices From Beyond

Since SCORES is a Swiss initiative, i.e. personalities from and in Switzerland speaking out for slavery reparations, the following supportive voices from beyond are listed here. If you also want to lend support to this important cause, please contact Hans Fässler under: hans.faessler [at] louverture.ch

Congratulations you on your commitment to reparations. I am very happy to sign your minimal consensus as an outside voice.

Prof. Dr. Susan Neiman, philosopher, author of «Learning from the Germans. Race and the Memory of Evil» (2019), director of Einstein Forum, Berlin

Since the 1990s, I have been studying the Atlantic slave trade to Brazil. Gathering knowledge in order to repair damage is a stimulus for further research. I am glad to support this Committee.

Théa M. Machado, professora titular aposentada na área de Ciência Animal,  Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil

The SCORES proposal has the great merit of promoting history research, carried out in universities of various countries. Thus, it will be able to exercise its fundamental function of explaining the origins of the present through centuries of international division of labour. Moreover, the commitment to reparation values transformative social projects of all kinds. In this way, SCORES promotes the interrelation between past, present, and future, promoting civilizing values of respect for human rights. I am happy about the invitation to participate in SCORES as a foreign supporter.    

Renata Azevedo Lima Lira (Brazilian historian and singer, member of the State Commission on the Truth about Black Slavery in Brazil)